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University of West Florida. Academic Affairs. Annual Reports

 Collection — Container: M1992-08
Identifier: M1992-08
Scope and Contents Records, 1970- , of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, consisting of annual reports for colleges, academic departments, divisions, and academic support units which report to the Vice President/Provost. OTHER INFORMATION: Vice President for Academic Affairs Arthur Doerr inaugurated the practice of requesting every academic college, department, and division to submit a written annual report. These individual reports were synthesized into one...
Dates: Created: 1970-; Other: Date acquired: 12/00/1992

University of West Florida. Academic Council Records

 Collection — Container: M1983-30
Identifier: M1983-30
Scope and Contents Minutes, reports and other materials of the Academic Council 1971-1988, including such topics as academic policies, undergraduate and graduate programs, enrollments, grade point averages and related academic subjects. The Academic Council was merged with the Faculty Senate, June 1988.
Dates: Created: 1971-1988; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1984

University of West Florida. Action Research Papers

 Collection — Container: M1993-01
Identifier: M1993-01
Scope and Contents Records comprising the Action Research Projects produced by students in the Master's Program.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1993

University of West Florida. Aeronautical Systems Records

 Collection — Container: M1989-06
Identifier: M1989-06
Scope and Contents Records (1968-1973) including correspondence, materials on the UWF Corpus Christi Center, student theses, commencement programs, and related materials. Select thesis subjects cover airports in Atlanta, Pensacola, and NAS Pensacola, the port of Corpus Christi, satellite development and deployment, the usage of airships in transportation, and emergency rescue missions in space. NOTE: Aeronautical Systems was offered through contracts with the United States Navy to...
Dates: Created: 1968-1973; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1989

University of West Florida. Alumni Office Records

 Collection — Container: M1985-06
Identifier: M1985-06
Scope and Contents Records, 1968-1979, including correspondence, photographs, publications, and materials concerning alumni chapters, fund raising, ahtletics, commencement, Christmas, workshops, and alumni special events such as Springcoming, the inauguration of President Robinson (1975), tours, mascots, alma mater song contests, and award programs.
Dates: Created: 1968-1979; Other: Date acquired: 02/00/1985

University of West Florida. Budget Records

 Collection — Container: M1985-08
Identifier: M1985-08
Scope and Contents Budget records, 1965- , including legislative budget requests, operating budgets, capital budgets, and related materials.
Dates: Created: 1965-; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1985

University of West Florida. Career Service Council Records

 Collection — Container: M1987-12
Identifier: M1987-12
Scope and Contents Records, 1974- ,including minutes, reports, bylaws, surveys, correspondence, and committee files. Topics include awards, annual events (Halloween and Christmas parties), personnel policies, flextime, working conditions, and related issues. OTHER INFORMATION: Founded as Employee Relations Committee, 1974-1975, became Career Service Council (April 1975-1986), the University Support Personnel System (USPS) Staff Council (1986-1987), and the UWF Staff...
Dates: Created: 1974-; Other: Date acquired: 12/00/1987

University of West Florida. College of Arts and Sciences Records

 Collection — Container: M1988-06
Identifier: M1988-06
Scope and Contents Records, 1978- , including correspondence, annual reports, minutes of Chairperson's Meetings, and the College of Arts and Science Council, the forum series, and related records.
Dates: Created: 1978-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1988

University of West Florida. Computer Services Department Records

 Collection — Container: M1996-10
Identifier: M1996-10
Scope and Contents Records, 1977-1995, includinig correspondence, reports, audits, and related research materials including publications of the department. Files include runs of Netword and Profile; records of the Academic Computer Services Committee; the dedication of Building 79 (Computer Center) in 1986; information on WilliamCraig Nystul; and the overall history of computing and information technology at UWF. Key correspondents and administrators include Russell Lee, Lisa Whitmire, Donna Gache, and Karen...
Dates: Created: 1977-1995; Other: Date acquired: 12/00/1996

University of West Florida. Development Office Records

 Collection — Container: M1983-16
Identifier: M1983-16
Scope and Contents Records, 1967-1979, including foundation files and scholarship files. These files cover those organizations which made direct grants or gifts to the University and include correspondence, financial documents, newspaper clippings, and other materials pertaining to the gifts. Key organizations include the Edward Ball Wildlife Foundation for the nature trail, the Alfred I. DuPont Foundation on the endowment of the Mary Ball Washington Chair, the Ford Foundation for the Venture Fund grant, and...
Dates: Created: 1967-1979; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1983

University of West Florida. English and Foreign Languages Records

 Collection — Container: M1983-07
Identifier: M1983-07
Scope and Contents Records, 1967-1975, including correspondence and files concerning the history and development of the Department, and related materials.

Other information: Indirectly, this collection provides an excellent overview of the development of the university during its first five years, reflected through its files of other Univresity departments.
Dates: Created: 1967-1975; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1983

University of West Florida. Facilities Planning Committee Records

 Collection — Container: M1989-12
Identifier: M1989-12
Scope and Contents Records of the Facilities Planning Committee, 1974- , including minutes, agendas, reports, and related working papers. This Committee reports to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs on matters concerning campus buildings, construction, and physical environment.
Dates: Created: 1974-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1989

University of West Florida. Faculty Senate Records

 Collection — Container: M1989-11
Identifier: M1989-11
Scope and Contents Records, 1979- , and its predecessor, the Faculty Council, 1973-1979, including agendas, minutes, reports, and other working papers. OTHER INFORMATION: The Faculty Council was composed of faculty representatives elected from Alpha and Omega Colleges. In 1979, after the creation of the three Colleges (Arts and Science, Education, Business), the Faculty Council was renamed as the Faculty Senate. Its actions are reported to the Vice...
Dates: Created: 1979-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1989

University of West Florida. Information Services Records

 Collection — Container: M1986-19
Identifier: M1986-19
Scope and Contents Newspaper clipping files of the Office of Information Services, 1969- , concerning the University of West Florida. Arranged by subject, department, and organizations.
Dates: Created: 1969-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1986

University of West Florida. Libraries. Director of Libraries Records (1965-1986)

 Collection — Container: M1987-03
Identifier: M1987-03
Scope and Contents Administrative records, 1966-1985 and Correspondence files, 1965- ,of the office of Director of Libraries including correspondence and subect files pertaining to the development and administration of the John C. Pace Library. Includes files of the first Director (1965-1986), James A. Servies, including materials when he was at the College of William and Mary. Subjects and correspondents include development of Special Collections, correspondence with researchers and donors, the library...
Dates: Created: 1965-1986; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1987

University of West Florida. Libraries. Director of Libraries Records (1966-1985)

 Collection — Container: M1988-15
Identifier: M1988-15
Scope and Contents Administrative records, 1966-1985, of the office of Director of Libraries including correspondence and subject files pertainint to the development of the John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida. A major portion covers the administration of the first Director, James A. Servies, including some records when he was at the College of William and Mary. Other records concern the development of Special Collections, negotiations with donors, correspondence with researchers, and related...
Dates: Created: 1966-1985; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1985

University of West Florida. Libraries. Records

 Collection — Container: M1993-10
Identifier: M1993-10
Scope and Contents Records of the John C. Pace Library, 1971- ,including publications, newsletters, departmental files, administrative memoranda, and other papers concerning library activities, functions, administration, policies, history, and building programs. OTHER INFORMATION: Related university archives collections pertaining to the Library include: Correspondence files of the firt Library Director, James A. Servies (1965-1986) Accession M1987-03, and...
Dates: Created: 1971-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1993

University of West Florida. Libraries. Special Collections Department Records

 Collection — Container: M1988-04
Identifier: M1988-04
Scope and Contents Records, 1967- , including annual reports, correspondence, and other materials concerning donations, history of the department, the Friends of the Library and related materials.
Dates: Created: 1967-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1988

University of West Florida. Library Staff Association Records

 Collection — Container: M1993-11
Identifier: M1993-11
Scope and Contents Records, 1968-1999, of the Library Staff Association, an organization within the John C. Pace Library, created to sponsor staff activities, socials, student appreciation events, and employee services. Records include bylaws, correspondence, membership files, committee records, and photographs.
Dates: Created: 1968-1999; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1993

University of West Florida. Music Department Records

 Collection — Container: M1983-15
Identifier: M1983-15
Scope and Contents Records, 1970-1981, consisting of materials pertaining to visiting artists, musical groups, and symphony orchestras in the Music Hall Artists Series and the West Florida Music Festival. Includes clipping files for Music Department activities, 1968-1970, and Florida League of the Arts files, 1970-1972.
Dates: Created: 1970-1981; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1983

University of West Florida. Office of Provost/Vice President Records

 Collection — Container: M1996-03
Identifier: M1996-03
Scope and Contents Records, 1990-1992, of the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs including correspondence, reports, studies and other materials dealing with all areas of academic affairs at the University of West Florida, including departments, divisions, colleges, faculty, budget, endowed chairs, patents, centers, off-campus instruction, enrollment services, and related topics. NOTES: 1) Annotated inventory available; can be searched by...
Dates: Created: 1990-1992; Other: Date acquired: 08/00/1996

University of West Florida. Office of Recreation and Sports Records

 Collection — Container: M1990-08
Identifier: M1990-08
Scope and Contents Records, 1972-1987, of the Office of Recreation and Sports, including correspondence, publications, and committee files. Includes materials on the history of the department and development of recreation and sports programs and facilities, the Natatorium, the Pensacola Seafood Festival, Springcoming, and the participation of the University in local sports events and organizations. Committee files cover freshmen, enrollment, food services, and the Santa Rosa Island Property. ...
Dates: Created: 1972-1987; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1991

University of West Florida. Office of the Provost. Dean's Council Records

 Collection — Container: M1997-01
Identifier: M1997-01
Scope and Contents Records, 1989- , of the Dean's Council and Extended Deans Council, including agendas, informal minutes, reports, handouts, study materials, and related documentation. Subjects include enrollment, budgets, capital improvement programs, master plans, the library, classroom space, faculty awards, salary data, grant reports, policies on overload and related academic matters. OTHER INFORMATION: The Dean's Council is comprised of the Provost,...
Dates: Created: 1989-; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1997

University of West Florida. Office of the Provost. Reading Files

 Collection — Container: M2003-12
Identifier: M2003-12
Scope and Contents Records, 1993-1994, consisting of reading files of the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of West Florida. Reading files are outgoing memoranda, correspondence, and copies of other written communications arranged chronologically, representing all aspects of academic administration at the University of West Florida. Key writers include Douglas Friedrich and Carl Backman.
Dates: Created: 1993-1994; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/2003

University of West Florida. Oral Histories

 Collection — Container: M1987-06
Identifier: M1987-06
Scope and Contents Audiotapes of an Oral History Project conducted by UWF faculty member Dr. Thomas Gilliam on the early formation and creation of the University of West Florida. Narrators include Phillip D. Beall, Warren Briggs, Harold Crosby, Jack Fiveash, Elizabeth Hawes, J. B. Hopkins, and Gordon Wells.
Dates: Created: 1986-1987; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1987

University of West Florida. Panama City Center Records

 Collection — Container: M1985-03
Identifier: M1985-03
Scope and Contents Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and other materials pertaining to the development, history, and planning of the Panama City Center of the University of West Florida, 1965-1983. Includes planning of the master campus, land acquisition, statistics, and records of the lobbying efforts of citizens and groups both for and against the transfer of the branch campus to Florida State University in 1982. OTHER INFORMATION: Contains considerable demographic...
Dates: Created: 1965-1983; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1985

University of West Florida. Photograph Collections

 Collection — Container: M1991-05
Identifier: M1991-05
Scope and Contents Photographs, negative files, documentation such as notes or information on the photographs, and related materials. OTHER INFORMATION: The office of Information Services is responsible for photography work for all university publications including the catalog and for documenting people and history of the University through visual media. In 1989, the Division of University Relations was renamed the Division of University...
Dates: Created: 1964-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1991

University of West Florida. President. Board of Regents Records

 Collection — Container: M1984-06
Identifier: M1984-06
Scope and Contents Records, 1964- , including minutes, agendas, reports, budgets, and other working papers of the Board and its state universities. Subjects concern educational budgets, policies, govrnance, academic policies and planning, and related educational concerns.
Dates: Created: 1964-; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1984

University of West Florida. President. Council of Presidents Records

 Collection — Container: M1984-07
Identifier: M1984-07
Scope and Contents Minutes, reports, agendas, and other working papers of the Council of Presidents of the Board of Regents, State of Florida, 1964- . Subjects include budgets, capital funds and buildings, academic policies, and other university administrative concerns.
Dates: Created: 1964-; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1984

University of West Florida. Publications. The Panhandler

 Collection — Container: M1984-02
Identifier: M1984-02
Scope and Contents Collection of the Panhandler, a literary magazine published by the UWF English Department, 1976-present.

NOTE: The Panhandler is also in the Rare Book Collection,

RBR PN 2 P36 and goes through Number 36, 2002. It is continued by The Bayou Number 38-39, 2002; Number 40-41, 2003; Number42-43, 2004.

There is also the Panhandler Chapbook Series that was published every Spring, Number 1-6, 1988-1993.
Dates: Created: 1976-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1984