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Baars Family Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: M1985-20
Scope and Contents Personal papers and business records, 1857-1960, of Henry G. S. Baars, his wife, Mary Elison (Minnie) Dunwoody, and their four children: John Ernest, Theodore Dunwoody, Henry G. S., and Annie E. Baars, of Pensacola Florida. Records include correspondence, ledgers, photographs, maps, genealogy, and related records documenting family life and the professional life of Henry Baars, an exporter of lumber and timber, a real estate developer, and as vice-consul for the Austro-Hungarian Empire at...
Dates: Created: 1857-1960; Other: Date acquired: 08/00/1985

Baker-Watson Papers

 Collection — Container: M1980-05SC
Identifier: M1980-05SC
Scope and Contents Family papers, 1863-1925, relating to the Baker family of Jackson County, Florida and the William H. Watson family of Pensacola, Florida. Includes land deeds, conveyances, tax receipts, family letters, lineage chart and photographs. Principal correspondents include James L.G. Baker, James L. Baker, Mary Jane Daffin, James S. Baker, William H. Watson, Jr., James B. Watson and Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson.
Dates: Created: 1863-1925; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1980

Beggs and Lane Collection. Blount and Blount and Carter Papers.

 Collection — Container: M1984-20
Identifier: M1984-20
Scope and Contents The records of the firm are extensive as it was the corporate attorney for numerous West Florida businesses including railroad andlumber companies. Select subjects include the American Lumber Company, Bagdad Land and Lumber Company, the Birmingham, Columbus and St. Andrews Railroad Company, Children's Home Society of Florida, Escambia County School Board, Escambia Gulf Beach Resort, First National Bank of Pensacola, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Duncan U. Fletcher, Florida Chautauqua,...
Dates: Created: 1906-1930; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1984

Blount, Alexander Clement, III (1889-1978), Papers

 Collection — Container: M1982-18
Identifier: M1982-18
Scope and Contents Personal and business papers, 1900-1975, including legal case and collection files, 1900-1918, including those as a law agent for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, 1914-1917; real estate transaction papers both as an administrator of real estate and trusts records of organizations and companies where Mr. Blount was an officer or director. These include records of the Bayou Chico Land Company, 1941-1963; the Children's Home Society of Florida, Pensacola branch, 1940-1955; the Crippled...
Dates: Created: 1900-1975; Other: Date acquired: 12/15/1982

Burke, Yolanda Pinney, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-18
Identifier: M1981-18
Scope and Contents Personal papers consisting of photocopies of genealogical information and photographs of family members. Included are the Burke, Clifford, Fell, Mooney, and Pinney families, with additional materials on Thomas J. White, Joseph L. White, Carl Timothy Hoffman, and Robert Fell, a carpenter in the U.S. Navy from 1803 to 1820.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1981

Burrow, Dorothy, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-04
Identifier: M1983-04
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1840-1979, including records as a student, 1916-1919; as a teacher at Pensacola High School, 1928-1967; memorabilia and letters about life at Florida State College for Women, 1919-1923; summer studies at Columbia, 1929; the University of Virginia, 1938; and the University of Wisconsin, 1930. Includes considerable family records of her parents, John McMillan Burrow and Nelle Agnes Barrington Burrow and other relatives including the Anderson, Burrow, Cresap, Pyle, and Vaughn...
Dates: Created: 1840-1979; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1983

Carlson, Gladys, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1991-08
Identifier: M1991-08
Scope and Contents Photocopies of published genealogical research on family lines written and compiled by Gladys Carlson, Pensacola, Florida, including lineage charts, facsimiles of manuscript letters, and related documentation. Family names include Alexander, Barber, Bilyeu, Bird, Brumley, Duckworth, McKnight, Montgomery, Peel, Robinson, Sample, Wallace, and Williams. Places include Lancaster County, Virginia; Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; and Cannon County, Tennessee.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 11/00/1991

Drago Family of Mobile, Alabama

 Collection — Container: WF804
Identifier: WF805-##3ts
Abstract The Drago Family of Mobile by William S. Cummins, July 24, 2007; Revised April 15, 2014.  37 pp.

  &nnsp; Typescript publication of the history of the Drago Family of Mobile, Alabama, with footnotes and index, by Bill Cummins.   With index by Dean DeBol.
Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 2014; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/2014

Ellis, Thomas Howard, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-25SC
Identifier: M1981-25SC
Scope and Contents Genealogical records relating to the Ellis and Pearce families of Dothan, Alabama, and Milton, Florida, including deeds for sales of lands, information on the Pearce Point Lumber Company (1870s), and a lineage register for the Allen family of Virginia which includes the Watts, Pearce and Ellis families.
Dates: Created: 1866-1937; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1981

Galvez, Bernardo de, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1980-17
Identifier: M1980-17
Scope and Contents Papers of Don Bernardo de Galvez (1746-1786) including a 1781 letter from Pensacola concerning the siege, and other materials concerning his biography and family genealogy.

NOTES: Other materials about Galvez and the siege of Pensacola are available in collection M1981-08 of the Galvez commission; other books are available in library collections.
Dates: Created: 1781; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1980

Goldsby, John Raymond, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-05
Identifier: M1981-05SC
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1909-1970, consisting of photocopies of bills of sale, tax receipts and certificates, receipts from merchants, physicians, and hospitals in Pensacola, land abstracts, chattel mortgages, promissory notes, and genealogy records concerning the Goldsby family and Myrtle Grove, Florida.
Dates: Created: 1909-1970; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1981

Harris, Naomi, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-27
Identifier: M1981-27
Scope and Contents Personal papers, consisting of manuscript letters of the Clifford family in Pensacola (1846-1863), photographs, and photocopies of genealogical research (1946-1978) on the Clifford and Fell families of Pensacola as well as related area families and the Cliffords of Edgecomb, Maine. Includes research on the Pensacola Light House (1824-1978) and lighthouse keeper George T. Clifford.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1981

Howard, James William, Diary

 Collection — Container: M1982-10SC
Identifier: M1982-10SC
Scope and Contents Typescript transcript diary, 1861-1913, detailing his life as a member of the 9th Arkansas Volunteers, Confederate States of America and life after the war in the South and his religious life as a Baptist minister for churches in Arkansas and Georgia. The diary details much of the discipline and punishment in the army camps, and from 1865 to 1913, his courtship and marriage, life in Georgia and Arkansas after the Civil War, and his later years as a businessman, minister, and citizen in...
Dates: Created: 1861-1913; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1982

LeBaron Family Papers

 Collection — Container: 4 boxes
Identifier: M1975-12-##fsv
Abstract Correspondence, 1920-1970, of Rev. Earle Robert LeBaron (1900‑1972) and papers, 1907-1936, of his father Leonard LeBaron (1855-1943), former city electrician of Pensacola. 1907-1933.
Dates: Created: 1906-1972; Other: Majority of material found in 1920-1970; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1975

Parker Family Papers

 Collection — Container: M1992-07
Identifier: M1992-07
Scope and Contents Microfilm of 144 research materials concerning the Parker and allied families of Bay, Washington, Jackson, escambia and Dade Counties, Florida. Includes phtocopies, typescripts, genealogical forms and charts, census forms, family papers, and other items researched or collected by Linda Pazics Kleback, for the Parker Family Reunion in 1990. OTHER INFORMATION: The original collection may be at the Bay County Public Library in Panama City; this...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1992

Parramore Family Records

 Collection — Container: M1992-05
Identifier: M1992-05
Scope and Contents Records including notations, clippings, and related material of the Parramore Family of North Carolina, Georgia, and Pensacola, Florida, collected by Mrs. Henry Parramore. Includes family Bible (1828) with several pages of genealogical data.


The family data information in the Bible and notes have been photocopied on acid-free paper. Users should use folder 3 of the collection, rather than the actual Bible.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 08/00/1992

Ramsey, Andrew Boggs, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1991-06
Identifier: M1991-06
Scope and Contents Records concerning the history of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians of Calhoun County, Florida with emphasis on the Ramsey genealogy, the Apalachicola Indians, and the Harjo-Boggs-Parrot Tribe. Materials consist of bound books of photocopies of research materials including vital records, newspaper clippings, book and journal articles, and other data. Other names include the Harjo, Parrot, Boggs, Ramsey, Ward, and Stanley families.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1991

Reardon, Anna Smith, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1984-03
Identifier: M1984-03
Scope and Contents Writer and Historian, DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Personal papers, 1962-1983, including research files, interview notes, photographs, and newspaper articles about DeFuniak Springs and Walton County, Florida. Topics include biographies of settlers, genealogical notes on families, and information about DeFuniak Springs and its hotels, historic homes, library, schools, and churches. Additional files cover the Florida Chautauqua, freemasonry, the turpentine industry, railroads, and...
Dates: Created: 1962-1983; Other: Date acquired: 05/00/1984

Reese, John Lewis, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-31
Identifier: M1983-31
Scope and Contents Personal papers concerning the Reese and West families including genealogical notes on the Pope, Orr, Reese, and West families of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi; biography of Judah P. Benjamin; diary of 1936 tour of American Southwest; Civil War recollections of Mary R. West in western Tennessee and Mississippi, and research records of Elizabeth H. West on Panton, Leslie and Company, 1931.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1984

Robert Figueroa Papers

 Collection — Container: M2015-05 SC
Identifier: M2015-05 SC-##mqz
Abstract Genealogy files of Robert Figueroa concerning the Fabel Family, with genealogical lineage typescripts showing family from Friedrich “Fritz” Fabel of Waterloo, Illinois (d. 1943) into Europe and primarily German States.  Some materials in German.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 07/00/2015

St. Mary's Episcopal Church Collection

 Collection — Container: M1982-25
Identifier: M1982-25
Scope and Contents Materials concerning the history of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Milton, Florida, including photocopies of correspondence of Bishop Frank A Juhan, research records about early church activities, ministers, the church building, baptisms, marriages, burials, and confirmations (1867-1916), sermons of Reb. S. Albert Kennington (1977-1982); and related records pertaining to the McDougall, Golson, Creary, and Keeling families, the Ladies Aid Society of Milton, and Milton history. [682 pieces]
Dates: Created: 1868-1954; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1982

Viccars, Marion, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1980-19
Identifier: M1980-19
Scope and Contents Personal papers of Marion Viccars, 1961-81, including correspondence, diaries, publications, newspaper clippings, awards, and other materials concerning the development of the Special Collections Department at the John C. Pace Library, University of West Florida, Pensacola, during her tenure as Special Collections Librarian (1967-80), notes on her travels abroad, includes research notes regarding the Yonge family of Pensacola. NOTE: Boxes 2-4 are Correspondence plus...
Dates: Created: 1961-1981; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1980

West Florida Genealogical Society Records

 Collection — Container: M1986-09
Identifier: M1986-09
Scope and Contents Records, 1982- , including minutes, committee files, conference materials, lineage charts, membership records, and related records.

OTHER INFORMATION: Newsletters that are not in the collection are kept with the West Florida Periodical Files. Journals are in BWF/RBR.
Dates: Created: 1982-; Other: Date acquired: 03/00/1986