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Brackenridge, Henry Marie, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-01
Identifier: M1983-01-##h35
Scope and Contents Photocopies of manuscript letters, including a letter to Caesar A. Rodney in 1821 on Jackson's treatment of Governor Callava, as well as letters to his wife Caroline Brackenridge, 1827-1832, written from Pensacola, Tallahassee, Alaqua, the Live Oak Reservation, and other places in West Florida regarding business and legal affairs in the Territory.  With draft and final typescript transcripts.Researchers should also consult books authored by Brackenridge as well as...
Dates: Created: 1821-1832; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1983

Bragg, Braxton, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-26MF
Identifier: M1983-26MF
Scope and Contents Commander, Confederate Troops at Pensacola, 1861-1862. Microfilm of the Pensacola portion of the Braxton Bragg Papers, 1861, dealing with activities at Pensacola, attack on Fort Pickens, correspondence from Montgomery and Richmond, and other materials relateing to the defense of Pensacola. OTHER INFORMATION: The microfilm covers the material in two folders; the first folder is Bragg's reports and letters describing conditions in Pensacola, plans for...
Dates: Created: 1861; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1984

Briggs, Warren, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-45
Identifier: M1981-45
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1976-1979, including his records as chairman of the task force for Action 76 goal setting (1976-1977) and as coordinator of Citizens Goals for Pensacola-Escambia (1977-1979). The Action 76 papers include materials concerning the celebration of the American Bicentennial in Florida and Pensacola, the development of citizens' surveys, and publications about the Pensacola Navy Yard, British West Florida, and a history of industrialization in Pensacola. Also included are...
Dates: Created: 1976-1979; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1981

British Colonial Office CO 5 West Florida Records Index (Swain compilation)

 Collection — Container: 379 pp.
Identifier: WF815-##1hf
Abstract Index to the individual British Colonial Office CO 5 records in Volumes 574-605, 606-622, covering West Florida. Compiled by David Swain, a volunteer at the David Library of the American Revolution. This index covers the manuscript records held by the UWF Archives and West Florida History Center in the Panton, Leslie, and Company Research Collection, Reels 154-172. Note that the PL&Co. collection also includes CO 5 volumes 606-611 which are land grants and mortgages--these are not...
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Browder, Lloyd Earl, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-03
Identifier: M1981-03
Scope and Contents

Personal papers, 1919-1972, including letters, newspaper clippings, financial and income tax records, and other papers concerning his interests in the Bayside Tourist Park, Bay View Trailer Park, Dead Lakes Fishing Camp, the Santa Villa subdivision, and the Browder Fixture Company in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dates: Created: 1919-1972; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1981

Brownsville School, Parents Teachers Association Records

 Collection — Container: M1982-14
Identifier: M1982-14
Scope and Contents

Parent-Teachers Association records, 1938-1975, including scrapbooks, photographs, minutes of meetings, publications, yearbooks, correspondence and financial records.

These PTA records provide both a history of the organization as well as the Brownsville School, its staff, students, and activities.

Dates: Created: 1938-1975; Other: Date acquired: 09/22/1982

Broxton, Randall. Jewish Cemetery Tour 2003.

Identifier: WF-645
Scope and Contents

Notes for a tour of Temple Beth-El cemetery, Pensacola, Florida, with information on the families, their history, roles in Pensacola, and genealogy; includes Forcheimer, Bear, Friedman, Greenhut, and other prominent Jewish members of Pensacola.

Dates: 2003

Bruce, William George, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1985-10
Identifier: M1985-10
Scope and Contents Photocopies of a diary of a trip south, 1921, and a scrapbook, 1881-1978, of William George Bruce, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin businessman and Pensacola, Florida shipyard owner. The diary documents Mr. Bruce's trip to New Orleans and Pensacola, including the Pensacola Navy Yard, and the Bruce, Ollinger, and Watson families, with photographs. The scrapbook covers newspaper clippings, especially family marriages and deaths, for Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Pensacola, Milton, Bagdad and Blackwater,...
Dates: Created: 1881-1978; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1985

Bruington, Lola Lee Daniell, Oral History

 Collection — Container: M1987-10
Identifier: M1987-10
Scope and Contents

Oral history interview of Lola Lee Daniell Bruington, of Pensacola, by Sandra F. Whitehead with tapes and typed transcripts. Mrs. Bruington discusses area cemeteries, (especially St. Michaels), the red light district, bootlegging, her work as educator and nurse at Camp Dix, Bellevue Hospital, and at Vassar, and her childhood and life in Pensacola.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1987

Bryans, Dr. Herbert L., Papers (1885-1966)

 Collection — Container: M1982-08
Identifier: M1982-08
Scope and Contents Personal and business records including correspondence, reports, minutes, programs, and patient case files. Includes the business records of Bryan's Pharmacy including receipts, narcotic and drug records, and accounting files. The files of organizations include comprehensive records pertaining to Dr. Bryan's service as a member and officer of many key Florida Medical associations; these include the American Medical Association, 1928-1956; the Escambia Blook Bank, 1960; the Escambia County...
Dates: Created: 1885-1966; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1982

Bryans, Dr. Herbert L., Papers (1887-1964)

 Collection — Container: M1980-07
Identifier: M1980-07
Scope and Contents

Patients' medical records and other papers of Dr. Herbert Lee Bryans (1889-1961) of Pensacola, Fla.

Dates: Created: 1887-1964; Other: Date acquired: 08/27/1980

Buchli, James F., Collection

 Collection — Container: M1985-01
Identifier: M1985-01
Scope and Contents Photographs and artifacts pertaining to his mission aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, January 24-27, 1985. Materials include photographs of launch and landing, patches flown aboard the spacecraft, and information on the flight crew. Designated mission #51C, this was the 15th flight of the Space Shuttle, and the first Department of Defense mission; the flight was for 48 orbits with takeoff and landing at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. OTHER NOTES: Publicity...
Dates: Created: 1985; Other: Date acquired: 03/00/1985

Burgoyne, Bruce, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-09
Identifier: M1983-09
Scope and Contents Photocopies of research files including his translations of the Carl Philipp Steuernagel diary, 1773-1783, and the diary of Philipp Waldeck, both of whom were German mercenaries who saw service in the British Army in West Florida during the American Revolution. Also includes Burgoyne's typescript transcripts in German of the original manuscripts. See BWF (Bibliography of West Florida) 1983-04 for printed chapters of Waldeck diary appearing in issues of Journal of...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1983

Burke, Yolanda Pinney, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-18
Identifier: M1981-18
Scope and Contents

Personal papers consisting of photocopies of genealogical information and photographs of family members. Included are the Burke, Clifford, Fell, Mooney, and Pinney families, with additional materials on Thomas J. White, Joseph L. White, Carl Timothy Hoffman, and Robert Fell, a carpenter in the U.S. Navy from 1803 to 1820.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1981

Burrow, Dorothy, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-04
Identifier: M1983-04
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1840-1979, including records as a student, 1916-1919; as a teacher at Pensacola High School, 1928-1967; memorabilia and letters about life at Florida State College for Women, 1919-1923; summer studies at Columbia, 1929; the University of Virginia, 1938; and the University of Wisconsin, 1930. Includes considerable family records of her parents, John McMillan Burrow and Nelle Agnes Barrington Burrow and other relatives including the Anderson, Burrow, Cresap, Pyle, and Vaughn...
Dates: Created: 1840-1979; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1983

Bussiere Family

Identifier: WF802
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Butt, Dr. Arthur J., Papers

 Collection — Container: M1968-01
Identifier: M1968-01-##1a1

Reprints of articles published in various medical and other scholarly journals, including certain contributions about Dr. Butt and reviews of his published workd, 1942-1956. Includes copy of Albert Einstein's "Zur Einheitlichen Feldtheorie" (1929).

Dates: Created: 1921-1956; Other: Date acquired: 02/13/1968

Campbell Family Papers

 Collection — Container: M1988-11
Identifier: M1988-11
Scope and Contents

Educational diplomas, 1899-1933, of Christian C. McDonald and Christian McDonald Campbell for attendance at Palmer College, at Florida State Normal School, and the Okaloosa County public schools in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

NOTE: Florida State Normal Schol moved to Tallahassee and became Florida State College for Women. Today, it is known as Florida State University.

Dates: Created: 1899-1933; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1988

Cantonment Rotary Club Records

 Collection — Container: M1984-18
Identifier: M1984-18
Scope and Contents

Records and papers, 1948-2003, including correspondence, bylaws, financial statements, minutes, and chapter newsletters. Topics include Cantonment Little Major League and Ephemeral Hospital.

Dates: Created: 1948-2003; Other: Date acquired: 01/30/1985

Carlson, Gladys, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1991-08
Identifier: M1991-08
Scope and Contents

Photocopies of published genealogical research on family lines written and compiled by Gladys Carlson, Pensacola, Florida, including lineage charts, facsimiles of manuscript letters, and related documentation. Family names include Alexander, Barber, Bilyeu, Bird, Brumley, Duckworth, McKnight, Montgomery, Peel, Robinson, Sample, Wallace, and Williams. Places include Lancaster County, Virginia; Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; and Cannon County, Tennessee.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 11/00/1991

Carpenter, Cornelia, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1979-03
Identifier: M1979-03
Scope and Contents

Family correspondence, 1895-1920, newspapers clippings, family photographs and various papers relating to Simpson & Company Lumber Mill, Bagdad, Florida. Mr. H.T. Wright, Mrs. Carpenter's, was a prominent member of this firm. Many photographs from Mrs. Carpenter's family photograph album, 1900-1914, were copied and deposited in the Pensacola picture file.

Dates: Created: 1895-1920; Other: Date acquired: 01/00/1979

Carter, Dickson H., Papers

 Collection — Container: M1980-09
Identifier: M1980-09
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1896-1973, of Dickson H. Carter, Pensacola attorney, consisting of photographs, correspondence, speeches, and other writings. Includes materials pertaining to Judge Francis B. Carter, including Masonic awards and writings. Dickson Carter's speeches include talks before the Pensacola Rotary Club, the Men's Bible Classes of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Florida State Bar Association. Other topics in the collection include Blue Springs...
Dates: Created: 1896-1973; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1980

Catholic Reading Rack Apostolate of Pensacola Records

 Collection — Container: M1985-13
Identifier: M1985-13
Scope and Contents

Records, 1962-1984, including correspondence, minutes, newsletters, financial records, and bylaws. The Apostolate raised funds to purchase and maintain religious and inspirational literature in free reading racks throughoout Pensacola. Correspondents and key members include Dorothy Clemente, Jim Dowd, and Archbishop T. J. Toolen, Bishop of Mobile.

Dates: Created: 1962-1984; Other: Date acquired: 12/00/1985

Catts, Sidney J., Papers

 Collection — Container: M1979-11
Identifier: M1979-11
Scope and Contents Politician; Governor of Florida, 1917-1921. Personal papers, 1894-1967, of Sidney J. Catts, DeFuniak Springs, Florida, and other family members, including correspondence, publications, scrapbooks, photographs, newspaper clippings, and related materials. Much of the papers concern his term as Governor and activities in the Prohibition and Democratic Parties of Florida. Although he ran on an anti-Catholicism platform, his tenure as Governor was marked by...
Dates: Created: 1894-1967; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1979

Chuck Thomas

Identifier: ##7pm
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Records

 Collection — Container: M2005-08
Identifier: M2005-08
Scope and Contents

Records and papers, 1978-2005, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Milton Ward, Milton, Milton, Florida, including publications, and materials about the church and its activities.

Dates: Created: 1978-2005; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/2006

Citizen's Advisory Committee, Inc., Records

 Collection — Container: M1992-18
Identifier: M1992-18
Scope and Contents Records of the Citizen's Advisory Committee, Inc., 1989-1991, including correspondence, articles of incorporation, minutes, subcommittee records, and working papers. Key correspondents include Escambia County Sheriff Charlie Johnson, Committee President Earl Archer, and Michael L. Ferguson. Subjects cover operations of the Sheriff's Department of Escambia County, Florida (1989-1991) including budgets, organization, and law enforcement activities. OTHER...
Dates: Created: 1989-1991; Other: Date acquired: 04/00/1993

Clarke, Samuel W.   Civil War Letter, 1864.

 Collection — Container: WF811
Identifier: WF811
Abstract Letter, August 15, 1864, Captain Samuel W. Clarke, Company E, 2nd Maine Cavalry Volunteers, Camp [of] 2nd Maine Cavalry, Pensacola, Florida to Major George B. Drake, Fort Barrancas, tendering his resignation as Captain, citing insulting behaviour toward him by Colonel E. W. Woodman in the presence of other units.  4 pp. (1 leaf, folded); evidence o tri-fold filing system, p. 4.   &nnsp; Countersigned (p. 4) by Colonel Commanding G. W. Woodman, August 15, 1864 who disapproved...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 1864; Other: Date acquired: 10/27/2000

Clemente, Dorothy, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1981-04
Identifier: M1981-04
Scope and Contents

Personal papers of Dorothy Clemente consisting of her records as costume designer for the 1939 Pageant of Pensacola, and for the 1950 to 1972 Fiesta of Five Flags festivals in Pensacola, including sketches, designs, photographs, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and related memorabilia. Includes a scrapbook of WCOA radio program covers.

Additional materials received from the estate of Dorothy Clemente, consisting of photographs, newspaper clippings, etc.

Dates: Created: 1939-1972; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1981

Coker, William S., Papers

 Collection — Container: M1992-09
Identifier: M1992-09
Scope and Contents Personal papers including book manuscripts of Indian Traders of the Spanish Borderlands (Panton, Leslie & Co.) and Our Family, Fact and Fancies (Moreno Family) and his M.A. thesis on Mississippi Senator Pat Harrison. NOTES: Both book manuscripts have been published; copies of the books are available in Special Collections. Other publications by Dr. Coker are listed and available in the Bibliography of West Florida, the Rare Book...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 11/00/1992

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