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Collins, Lem, Letter

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: WF 640
Identifier: WF 640
Scope and Contents Photocopy of letter of Lem Collins, Pensacola Navy Yard, Pensacola, Florida, January 1, 1863, to wife, discussing outfitting of Union ships with ballast, use of U.S.S. Potomac as mail ship and news of General Burnside's defeat. Note: Burnside was defeated at Fredericksburg, Virginia in December 1862 and submitted his request to President Lincoln to resign. Date of letter coincidentally is date of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation which affected Pensacola but was not yet known by the...
Dates: Created: 1863; Other: Date acquired: 05/01/2006

Colonial Dames XVIIth Century Fort San Carlos Chapter (Pensacola) Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1986-03SC
Identifier: M1986-03SC
Scope and Contents Records including scrapbooks of newspaper articles, programs, and photographs, 1964- .
Dates: Created: 1964-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1986

Congressman Jeff Miller Video Collection

Identifier: M2015-20
Abstract Video files of Congressman Jeff Miller
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Conn, Barbara F., Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1996-01
Identifier: M1996-01
Scope and Contents Small group of materials, 1889-1945, primarily newspapers and agazines. Includes information on President William McKinley's death in

1901, the Johnstown flood of 1889, among other topics. See inventory for a full list.

NOTES: These materials form a group of papers saved by Mrs. Conn and her family either because of the event, age, or uniqueness of the item.
Dates: Created: 1889-1945; Other: Date acquired: 07/25/1996

Coronation Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1987-09
Identifier: M1987-09
Scope and Contents Booklets and newspapers concerning the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 1952-1953 with materials on Blenheim Palace and the Tower of London. With newspaper clipping announcing end of Korean War.
Dates: Created: 1952-1953; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1987

Cottrell Photograph Collection

Identifier: M2007-04
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Creek Indian Project Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1981-07
Identifier: M1981-07
Scope and Contents Records and papers pertaining to the Creek Indians of Northwest Florida, collected by the University of West Florida faculty members, Jane Dysart and Lucius Ellsworth, as part of a grant project. Records include research bibliographies and research publications dealing with the history of the Creek Indians from earliest settlement to 1980, census records, claims made to the federal government in 1906 and 1957, a newspaper index of materials about the Creeks in Northwest Florida (1950-1980),...
Dates: Created: 1817-1981; Other: Majority of material found in 1950-1981; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1981

Cummins Family Genealogy

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: WF808
Identifier: WF808-##bog
Abstract Unpublished typescript "The Family of John Overton Cummins, Sr. and Martha McCauley Cummins" by William S. Cummins [Pensacola, 2014] with footnotes, and index.  92 pp.
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Curenton, Mark C., Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1990-04SC
Identifier: M1990-04SC
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1989-1990, including correspondence, draft plans, and maps of the downtown area of Port St. Joe, Florida in preparation of a Downtown Redevelopment Plan, as part of the Community Redevelopment Center, University of Florida. See also his history of the Sixth Florida Volunteer Infantry (West Florida Collection No. 615), a Confederate Civil War Regiment from Walton County. OTHER INFORMATION: The Bibliography of West Florida lists...
Dates: Created: 1989-1990; Other: Date acquired: 02/00/1991

Currin, Beverly Madison (Reverend), Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M2002-07
Identifier: M2002-07-##9yq
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1958-2002, of the Right Reverend Beverly Madison Currin, rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Pensacola, Florida, consisting primarily of sermons, meditations, and related writings.NOTES:   &nnsp; While most sermons utilize Bible texts, occasionally a sermon will highlight a major national event or an event important to Pensacola history.  Undated sermons are kept within the year (if a year date appears) or filed at the end of the...
Dates: Created: 1958-2002; Other: Date acquired: 03/00/2003

Daniel Family Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1984-10
Identifier: M1984-10
Scope and Contents Records of the Daniel and Pollard families of Butler and Crenshaw Counties, Alabama, 1830-1927 including bills of sale for goods purchased in Montgomery and Greenville, Alabama; receipts for sale of cotton and payment of taxes, court summonses, church records, and related materials.
Dates: Created: 1830-1927; Other: Majority of material found in 1830-1879; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1984

Dat Moi (New Land) Newsletters

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: BWF 1975-138
Identifier: BWF 1975-138-##q0z
Abstract Newsletter of the Vietnamese Refugee Processing Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Published roughly daily, except Sndays, with text in Vietnamese and English. As American troops withdrew from Vietnam, thousands of South Vietnamese arrived in the United States, many coming to Florida and the center at Eglin Air Force Base. These newsletters tally the arrivals and departures and include information about the United States, customs, English language, and other details to help the new...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 1975

Daughters of the American Colonists Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1991-11
Identifier: M1991-11
Scope and Contents National Society Daughters of the American Colonists, Don Tristan de Luna Chapter, Pensacola, Florida.

Records (1983- ), including minutes, bylaws, scrapbooks, photographs, and other materials concerning the history of this organization.
Dates: Created: 1983-; Other: Date acquired: 06/08/1992

Daughters of the American Revolution, Pensacola Chapter Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1982-15
Identifier: M1982-15
Scope and Contents Yearbooks, scrapbooks, and other materials concerning the Pensacola Chapter from its formation in 1922-present. [31 pieces] By arrangement between the University (President James Robinson) and the Director of Libraries (James A. Servies), the Pensacola chapter of DAR donated funds in 1984 to purchase New England and genealogical books for the collection. No funds have been donated since 1985. The agreement specifies the return of the books to the Chapter if they are...
Dates: Created: 1922-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1982

Davis School (Atmore, Ala.) Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1981-24
Identifier: M1981-24
Scope and Contents School records, 1935-1975, of Davis School, Atmore, Alabama including registers of attendance, 1935-1960 which show students attending, addresses, parents' names and occupations; the principal's record and report forms, 1940-1975 giving annual reports of the school; and school bus driver's reports, 1937-1942. Includes some records for Ernest Ward School, Walnut Hill, Florida, and Nakomis School, Nakomis, Alabama. These records were donated in return for photocopies...
Dates: Created: 1935-1980; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1981

Decree, Philip V of Spain, June 20, 1713, copy in Spanish.

Identifier: WF-643-Oversize
Content Description Spanish manuscript, 4 pp., folio, official copy of a decree by King Philip V of Spain, executed at Madrid on June 20, 1713. Incompletely translated, indicates that Fernando Gomez de la Escalera, Captain General of the City of Havana and Island of Cuba has advised that an officer has been appointed to the task of overseeing the military situation in Mobile (Movila), and it is ordered that the military post there be provided with all needed arms and equpment.
Dates: 1713

Deschenes, Paul, Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1984-12
Identifier: M1984-12
Scope and Contents Research files of Paul Deschenes consisting of photographs, technical manuals, newspaper clippings, magazines, and other materials concerning aviation, primarily dealing with the various models and types of aircraft from earliest planes in the 1900s up to 1970.
Dates: Created: 1900-1970; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1984

Dodson, Craddock, and Born Scrapbook Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1997-02
Identifier: M1997-02
Scope and Contents Scrapbooks (1954-1995) of the Dodson, Craddock, & Born Advertising agency.
Dates: Created: 1954-1995; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1997

Dodson, Pat, Oral History Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1989-13
Identifier: M1989-13
Scope and Contents Oral history project conducted by Mark David Clark concerning the history of advertising and advertising agencies in Pensacola, with specific emphasis on recollections of Pat Dodson (Mayhew Wilson Dodson, 1929-1975) and the contributions of Dodson and his firm, Dodson, Craddock and Born, to Pensacola. Includes interviews with business partners, family, advertising executives, and Dodson's interest in historic preservation on Pensacola. OTHER INFORMATION: ...
Dates: Created: 1988-1989; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1989

Downtown Pensacola Exchange Club Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M2003-07
Identifier: M2003-07
Scope and Contents Records, 1937-99, of the Downtown Pensacola Exchange Club. Records consist of meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, officer installations and banquets, reports of meetings, photographs, state and national convention materials, and other records documenting the history of the organization and its activities with schools and the community in Escambia County, Florida.
Dates: Created: 1937-1999; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/2004

Drago Family of Mobile, Alabama

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: WF804
Identifier: WF805-##3ts
Abstract The Drago Family of Mobile by William S. Cummins, July 24, 2007; Revised April 15, 2014.  37 pp.

  &nnsp; Typescript publication of the history of the Drago Family of Mobile, Alabama, with footnotes and index, by Bill Cummins.   With index by Dean DeBol.
Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 2014; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/2014

Eastern Creek Claims Docket Index

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: WF804
Identifier: WF804-WF804
Abstract Alphabetical index to 11,000 names of Eastern Creek Families who filed Eastern Creek Claims pertaining to Docket #21, #272, and #275 (1,008 pages). These claims were filed during the 1950s to 1980s period and the index shows who was eligible or inelegible and the numbers of their application. These applications are not related to the Guion Miller Applications. Index is also called the EC Rolls Index (for Eastern Creeks)..
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 03/01/2012

Elbert, Donald L., Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1980-01
Identifier: M1980-01
Scope and Contents Business papers of Donald L. Elbert, including Pensacola Urban Area Transportation Study, job descriptions and pay rates for City of Gulf Breeze, City-Council relations and maps of Santa Rosa County and Gulf Breeze.
Dates: Created: 1961-1976; Other: Date acquired: 02/15/1980

Eliza Jane Wilson School (Pensacola, Fla.) Scrapbook

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1983-29
Identifier: M1983-29
Scope and Contents Scrapbook, 1931-1933, consisting of bylaws, newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, posters, photographs, and other materials concerning school and PTA activities.

Scrapbook contains considerable contemporary art and was exhibited at the National PTA Congress in Chicago, Illinois in 1932 as one of the best such scrapbooks in Florida.
Dates: Created: 1931-1933; Other: Date acquired: 04/00/1984

Ellis, Thomas Howard, Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1981-25SC
Identifier: M1981-25SC
Scope and Contents Genealogical records relating to the Ellis and Pearce families of Dothan, Alabama, and Milton, Florida, including deeds for sales of lands, information on the Pearce Point Lumber Company (1870s), and a lineage register for the Allen family of Virginia which includes the Watts, Pearce and Ellis families.
Dates: Created: 1866-1937; Other: Date acquired: 09/00/1981

Ellsworth, Lucius F., Papers

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1988-19
Identifier: M1988-19
Scope and Contents Personal papers, 1971-1976, including correspondence as Assistant to the Provost, and research files concerning lumbering in West florida, the Bagdad Land and Lumber Company, brickmaking in Pensacola and the firm of Raiford and Abercrombie, Jay Gould and the leather industry, John Williamson Crary, and Fort Jefferson at Key West. University subjects include academic rank at UWF, the Presidential Selection Advisory Committee (1974), Dr. James A. Robinson, and the State University System Faculty...
Dates: Created: 1971-1976; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1983

Ellsworth Research Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1982-13
Identifier: M1982-13
Scope and Contents Research records of Lucius F. and Linda Ellsworth pertaining to the development and publication of Pensacola, the Deep Water City (1986) including manuscript drafts, photograph and illustration files, correspondence, publicity about the book, and subject files pertaining to Pensacola, and many photographs and research items not used in the final book. Files include a newspaper index to Pensacola newspapers (1937) by Modeste Hargis.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1982

Escambia Amateur Astronomer's Association Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1988-18
Identifier: M1988-18
Scope and Contents Papers (1977- ), including publications of local, regional and national astronomical organizations, such as The Meteor, New Horizons, and The Reflector. Topics covered include astronomy and sky-watching in the West Florida region.
Dates: Created: 1977-; Other: Date acquired: 02/00/1989

Escambia County Charter Commission (1979) Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1994-06
Identifier: M1994-06
Scope and Contents Records of the Escambia County Charter Commission, 1975-1979, which include charter bill, proposed charter, membership, minutes and other working papers of the commission.
Dates: Created: 1975-1979; Other: Date acquired: 03/00/1995

Escambia County Election Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: M1989-14
Identifier: M1989-14
Scope and Contents Statistical summaries of vote tabulations in Escambia County elections, 1970-1976, including U.S. Presidential primaries, general elections, and special elections. Records provide numbers of registered voters in each precinct broken down by Party affiliation, and final tabulations of votes cast broken down by candidate or proposition. Each folder gives number of registered voters in each Escambia County precinct; generally divided by white males, white females,...
Dates: Created: 1970-1976; Other: Date acquired: 11/00/1989

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