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Escambia Amateur Astronomer's Association Collection

 Collection — Container: M1988-18
Identifier: M1988-18
Scope and Contents

Papers (1977- ), including publications of local, regional and national astronomical organizations, such as The Meteor, New Horizons, and The Reflector. Topics covered include astronomy and sky-watching in the West Florida region.

Dates: Created: 1977-; Other: Date acquired: 02/00/1989

Escambia County Charter Commission (1979) Records

 Collection — Container: M1994-06
Identifier: M1994-06
Scope and Contents

Records of the Escambia County Charter Commission, 1975-1979, which include charter bill, proposed charter, membership, minutes and other working papers of the commission.

Dates: Created: 1975-1979; Other: Date acquired: 03/00/1995

Escambia County Election Records

 Collection — Container: M1989-14
Identifier: M1989-14
Scope and Contents Statistical summaries of vote tabulations in Escambia County elections, 1970-1976, including U.S. Presidential primaries, general elections, and special elections. Records provide numbers of registered voters in each precinct broken down by Party affiliation, and final tabulations of votes cast broken down by candidate or proposition. Each folder gives number of registered voters in each Escambia County precinct; generally divided by white males, white females,...
Dates: Created: 1970-1976; Other: Date acquired: 11/00/1989

Escambia County (Florida) Deed Index Books

Identifier: M2021-07
Abstract Name index volumes to official deed records of the Escambia County (Florida) Clerk, 1820-1982. Volumes are divided into date series (1820-1910, 1911-1937, 1938-1955, 1956-1961, 1962-1969, 1970-1977, 1978-March 1982) with individual volumes for each alphabet letter (e.g., “A-E). Letter volumes index personal names, businesses, banks, and other entities. Deeds document the transfer of property, usually from a grantor (also referred to as direct) to a grantee (also referred to as indirect). ...
Dates: Majority of material found within 1820-1982

Escambia County Marriage Records

 Collection — Container: M1982-23
Identifier: M1982-23
Scope and Contents Marriage certificates issued by Escambia County, Florida, 1850-1890, (Books C-L); each certificate shows full name of applicants (male and female) and certification of ceremony with date solemnized and person performing ceremony (includes church affiliation). Some, not all, indexes available. [1,412 pieces] These are manuscript copies of marriage certificates issued by Escambia County, Florida. They authorize the performance of a civil or religious ceremony, names of male and...
Dates: Created: 1850-1890; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1982

Escambia County Retired Teachers Association Records

 Collection — Container: M1980-03
Identifier: M1980-03
Scope and Contents Records (1979- ) of the Escambia County Retired Teachers Association, including minutes, yearbooks, photographs, oral histories and written reminiscences of retired educators. Subjects include the history of education and schools in Escambia County. NOTES: The original collection was titled Escambia Retired Teachers Association Oral History Collection in 1980. This has been revised to incorporate the tapes along with other kinds of organization records. ...
Dates: Created: 1979-; Other: Date acquired: 02/25/1980

Escambia County School Records

 Collection — Container: M1981-28
Identifier: M1981-28
Scope and Contents

Financial and statistical records for Escambia County schools, 1877-1967, including attendance registers (1947-1951), bond and check registers ledger books (1877-1952), payroll registers, and warrant registers. Includes teacher lists for schools, furniture distributions, early development of Pensacola Junior College, and other information.

Dates: Created: 1877-1967; Other: Date acquired: 10/06/1981

Escambia County Tax Assessor Records

 Collection — Container: M1982-20
Identifier: M1982-20
Scope and Contents

Records, 1913-1939, containing correspondence concerning the assessments of property, tax assessment regulations, tax appeals, and related subjects. [1,642 pieces]

Dates: Created: 1913-1939; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1982

F. C. Brent Family Collection

Identifier: M2016-08-##mim
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

Federal Writer's Project Pensacola Newspaper Research Collection

 Collection — Container: M1988-03
Identifier: M1988-03
Scope and Contents

Photocopy typescript of "Pensacola Newspaper Research" abstracted and prepared by Pensacolian, Modeste Hargis for the Federal Writer's Project in Florida in 1934. This 320-page document is a compilation of items from Pensacola newspapers, 1838-1934, which the compiler felt of historic or intrinsic interest. A name and subject index is available.

Dates: Created: 1838-1934; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1987

Feinberg, Charles E., Collection of Walt Whitman

 Collection — Container: M1986-14
Identifier: M1986-14
Scope and Contents The Charles E. Feinberg Collection of Walt Whitman consists of published materials about Walt Whitman and papers of the Walt Whitman Fellowship, 1860-1952. Also included are several framed portraits of Whitman. NOTE: Mr. Feinberg, a retired Detroit, Michigan, businessman is noted for forming the largest collection of Walt Whitman material in existence, which is housed at the Library of Congress. He is active in supporting Whitman research and in presenting...
Dates: Created: 1860-1952; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1986

Fernald, Hays Malcolm, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1987-13
Identifier: M1987-13
Scope and Contents Papers of Hays Malcolm Fernald, Pensacola, Florida, 1913-1915, consisting primarily of the letters of Ann Harned, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Upon Fernald's move to Pensacola, his fiancee, Miss Harned wrote to him nearly daily, describing life in Philadelphia, trips she made, opera concerts, and her activities as a Suffragist and officer in the Women's Suffrage Movement in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Includes letters of Hayes' sister describing life in the Philadelphia navy yard, 1915. ...
Dates: Created: 1913-1915; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1987

Fillingim, Theron (T.D.) Dale, Papers

 Collection — Container: M2005-04
Identifier: M2005-04-M2005-04
Scope and Contents

Papers, 1921-1955, of Theron Dale Fillingim (T. D. Fillingim), Pensacola, Florida, primarily consisting of his research notes, drafts, correspondence, writings, and publications produced for the Jacksonville Office of the Federal Writers Project in Florida. Subjects include histories and genealogies of Pensacola families, businesses, and city officials, from 1820s through 1930s.

Dates: Created: 1921-1955; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/2005

First Presbyterian Church (Pensacola, Fla.) Records

 Collection — Container: M1993-25
Identifier: M1993-25
Scope and Contents

Records, 1880-1997, including registers, minute books, histories, worship service bulletins, newsletters, publications, sermons, and other papers. Early records on microfulm cover 1880-1975 and include a roster of pastors, elders, communicants and baptisms, 1896-1969; session minutes 1880-1975; board of deacons minute books, 1885-1933; and other papers.

Dates: Created: 1880-1997; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1993

Florida Board of Regents Records

 Collection — Container: M1988-13
Identifier: M1988-13
Scope and Contents Records of the Board of Regents, 1964- , including minutes, agendas, reports, publications, budgets, mission statements, program reviews, and other working papers of the Board and its state universities. Subjects concern educational budgets, policies, governance, academic policies, planning, and related educational concerns. OTHER INFORMATION: Additional recores may be found in series M1984-06 which are the UWF President's Office files of Board of...
Dates: Created: 1964-; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1988

Florida Land Office Records

 Collection — Container: M1985-15
Identifier: M1985-15
Scope and Contents Land records, plat maps, proceedings, papers, correspondence. This collection consists of microfilm of land records of the Surveyor General's Office for East and West Florida, starting from 1781. It includes plat maps of Lake Okeechobee shoreline, dating 1913-1915, The Forbes Purchase, private land claims, 1855-1858, the American State Papers on Public Lands, the proceedings of the Land Commissioners, 1822-1824, with records of British and Spanish land claims, and correspondence...
Dates: Created: 1781-1931; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1985

Floridatown Collection

 Collection — Container: M1982-22SC
Identifier: M1982-22SC
Scope and Contents

Papers and photographs concerning the history of Floridatown, Florida (1910-1937) including the Floridatown Hotel, ferry service from Ferry Pass, Florida, the Escambia Bay Bridge, and the Pace Family. [48 pieces]

Dates: Created: 1910-1937; Other: Date acquired: 02/00/1983

Foster, Ellen, Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: M1986-04
Scope and Contents Deeds, wills, land surveys, newspaper clippings, research materials. This collection contains manuscripts and research files concerning the Krebs family of Pascagoula, Mississippi, as well as materials, some photocopied, of historical research concerning Pensacola, Florida. Other subjects and persons relevant to this collection include Justin Flood, Lewis Gabriel, cotton gins, inventions, the Panton Leslie Company, Fort Barrancas, Florida, Fort George, Florida, sasquatch, Bernardo de Galvez,...
Dates: Created: 1805-1980; Other: Date acquired: 08/00/1986

Foster, H. F., Diary

 Collection — Container: M1981-22
Identifier: M1981-22
Scope and Contents School journal or diary kept by H. F. Foster while attending Normal School at Oswego in 1876; includes comments on lessons and family information; with related photographs. The location (state) is not identified but strongly suspect Oswego, N.Y. because of allusions to weather and heavy snow falls. Journal makes it clear that this was kept by the student at request of teacher to help him write and practice writing, as Foster alludes to his "personal journal"...
Dates: Created: 1876; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1981

Fowler Butane Company Records

 Collection — Container: M1982-07
Identifier: M1982-07
Scope and Contents

Records, 1938-1956, of the Fowler Appliance Company and its successor, the Fowler Butane Gas Company, Pensacola, 1938-1956 including customer records, social security reports for employees, tax and financial statements. [400 pieces]

Dates: Created: 1938-1956; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1982

Frances Brent Whitted Fick Scrapbook

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: M2016-07-##zhe

Photographs, 1889-1958, from the scrapbook of Frances Brent Whitted Fick, youngest daughter of F. C. Brent, Pensacola, Florida.  Subjects include materials on the Brent, Warren, Watson, and Manley families, including photographs of Mardi Gras in Pensacola in 1906, the F. C. Brent home on LaRua Street in Pensacola, Florida, William Corry, Teddy Muldon, Will Bingham, and the Central Hotel in Daphne, Alabama.

Dates: Created: 1889 - 1958; Other: Date acquired: 02/09/2017

Franklin, Samuel R. (Admiral), Journal

 Collection — Container: M1983-25MF
Identifier: M1983-25MF
Scope and Contents

Manuscript journal covering the commissioning and voyage of the U.S.S. Pensacola, April 1885-August 1887. Covers European and Mediterranean trips with newspaper clippings from the Baltimore Sun about trip.

Journal covers pp. 3-135; newspaper clippings, 200-224; all other pages blank.

Dates: Created: 1885-1887; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1982

French Archives Records

 Collection — Container: M1981-15
Identifier: M1981-15
Scope and Contents Microfilm of the fonds des colonies serie C13A, Volumes 1-53, covering French occupation of North America, 1694-1819. Filmed as part of the Louisiana Colonial Records Project in 1980, the C13A series covers reports, letters, maps, and other materials on the French settlement and colonization of Louisiana, West Florida, Pensacola, the upper Mississippi River Valley, the Illinois Territory, Canada and other areas of North America. The size of this research archives is beyond the scope of...
Dates: Created: 1694-1835; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1981

Friends of Perdido Bay Collection

 Collection — Container: M1993-06
Identifier: M1993-06-##olx

Research files and library, 1980-1993, of the Friends of Perdido Bay consisting of environmental publications, reports, studies, government documents, consultant reports, water pollution data, fish reports, and other materials pertaining to the environment of Perdido Bay and the Perdido River.  Topics include geology, pollution, water quality, sediments and related issues including concerns over pollution and foam emanating from the St. Regis Paper Company.

Dates: Created: 1836-1991; Other: Majority of material found in 1970-1989

Gaines, Marion T., Papers

 Collection — Container: M1983-22
Identifier: M1983-22
Scope and Contents

Personal papers, 1939-1975, primarily of personal correspondence and records as a member of the City of Pensacola Human Relations Committee, 1966-1971, and a scrapbook of congratulatory letters upon his appointment as editor in 1939 and letters of appreciation and editorials that he wrote.

Dates: Created: 1939-1975; Other: Majority of material found in 1939-1942, 1966-1975; Other: Date acquired: 02/04/1984

Galvez, Bernardo de, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1980-17
Identifier: M1980-17
Scope and Contents

Papers of Don Bernardo de Galvez (1746-1786) including a 1781 letter from Pensacola concerning the siege, and other materials concerning his biography and family genealogy.

NOTES: Other materials about Galvez and the siege of Pensacola are available in collection M1981-08 of the Galvez commission; other books are available in library collections.

Dates: Created: 1781; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1980

Galvez Commission Records

 Collection — Container: M1981-08
Identifier: M1981-08
Scope and Contents Records, 1980-1981, including minutes, correspondence, budget and planning documents, publications and research files and other materials concerning the Galvez celebration, May 3-10, 1981 honoring the bicentennial of the capture of Pensacola by the Spanish under Bernardo de Galvez in 1781. Subjects include Fort Barrancas, the H.M.S. Mentor, Fort George, Seville Square, Bernardo de Galvez, the H.M.S. Bounty, the historical drama Yo Solo, Juan Sebastian Elcano (ship), the North Hill...
Dates: Created: 1980-1981; Other: Date acquired: 06/00/1981

Gamble, Thomas, Letter

 Collection — Container: M1989-01SC
Identifier: M1989-01SC
Scope and Contents

A.L.S., Pensacola, Florida, June 3, 1772, to Loard Barrington; states Gamble has heard from General Gage concerning Gamble's appointment to rank of Captain, and thanks Barrington for his support in securing the appointment.

Dates: Created: 1772; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1989

Gardner, George Frederic, Papers

 Collection — Container: M1980-20
Identifier: M1980-20
Scope and Contents

Personal papers of George F. Gardner (1896-1980) consisting of diaries (1955-1980) and notebooks (1937- ) including journals of a trip to Canada and Detroit in 1937, to Florida in 1940, and letters describing Saipan, Marianas Islands in 1949.

NOTES: Original 1980 piece count showed 31 items; a new count in 1983 showed 49 pieces with the new addition of 8 pieces to get the 57 total.

Dates: Created: 1937-1980; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1980

George Washington Sully Watercolors

Identifier: ##x93
Dates: Other: To Be Determined

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